• 2017

    Envato | envato.com

    Software Engineer

    Providing consulting and software development services to Envato, maintaining and improving Envato’s WordPress hosting platform.

  • 2015

    ReferralCandy | referralcandy.com

    Software Engineer

    Working as part of a agile engineering team responsible for building product features, simplifying ecommerce platform integrations, improving user experience and backend core.

  • 2015

    WWWH | Site5 | wwwh.com

    Software Engineer

    As part of the Engineering Team I've been working on many projects like a internal customer resource management system and its client-facing counterpart, a white-label managed wordpress product and custom staff tools for easy automation.

  • 2014

    Bolsa Futuro | Government | www.bolsafuturo.go.gov.br

    Software Engineer

    Designed and developed many rails apps and stand-alone ruby modules to replace many parts of the legacy Java based state government's e-learning platform.
    Developed a student's engagement monitoring system that monitors 100.000 students and alerts an student, by sms, email or voice call, whenever his engagement is below average.
    Developed a payout application, replacing the old one (java), that integrates with the bank and pays an average of 30,000 engaged students a month, as they advance in their online courses.

  • 2012

    Critsend | www.critsend.com

    Software Developer

    Worked as a front-end and back-end python developer building the company’s newest project, a next-generation email deliverability solution, and also helped maintaining and improving their distributed transactional email service platform. Also I've developed a backlist monitoring module to keep track of all of their server reputations and a billing application for their new product.

  • 2011

    Maior Desconto | www.maiordesconto.com.br

    Founder and Software Engineer

    Bootstrapped and developed maiordesconto.com.br (offline), a group buying website in Brazil that reached more than $1 million USD in sales, 41,000+ users of which 17,000 of them had at least 1 purchase. Unfortunately, we shutdown on Jan/2013 when big players like Groupon started to expand to smaller cities.

  • 2009

    Mailtrack | www.mailtrack.com.br

    Founder and Software Engineer

    Developed mailtrack.com.br, a full featured Mailchimp like email marketing using Rails, Redis, EventMachine, AWS SES, etc.

  • 2008


    Software Engineer (Contractor)

    As a contractor, I developed an email marketing solution for InboxMail as that used to deliver 1M+ emails/month;

  • 2006

    ACIEG | www.acieg.com.br

    Software Engineer (Contractor)

    Developed and managed a website and online business directory for ACIEG, a state commerce association. https://goo.gl/ogBD9z | https://goo.gl/q4qKKF

  • 2005

    OVG | www.ovg.org.br

    Software Engineer

    Software Developer at OVG (a state agency) responsible for a web application that managed ~100K college students's sponsorship by the government

  • 2004

    Goiás Aventura (offline)

    Software Engineer

    As a software developer at Goiás Aventura, created an online tourism and adventure sports guide focused on my state's attractions https://goo.gl/6RaRLj

  • 2004

    Newx | www.newx.com.br

    Founder & Software Developer

    Started and managed a small web hosting service based on WHM/Cpanel. https://goo.gl/jKVWPt

Skills / Level of Experience

  • Ruby
  • Web Applications
  • Email Marketing
  • Front-End
  • Linux
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ecommerce
  • Redis
  • PostgreSql
  • Mysql
  • Mobile Applications
  • UX
  • Back-End
  • Data Science
  • R lang
  • Machine Learning
  • AngularJS